Tanganyika Wildlife Park

Facility Services

Book Your Event
To book an event or for more information send email to events@twpark.com or call (316) 794-8954. 

Park Admission

Renting the Serengeti Room allows all visitors of the event to receive Park admission for a highly discounted rate, which is great for filling time between the ceremony and the reception dinner.

Guided Tours

Have one of our guides take you through the Park for one-of-a-kind experience. Our guides are knowledgalbe about all the species in the Park as well as the individual animals. Get close and personal with a number of species. Truly one of the most educational, unique and exciting ways to see Tanganyika Wildlife Park.

Animal Ambassador's

Special Visits available by our Animal Ambassadors and their ‘friends’

Decoration Assistance

We can help you decorate for your event.