Tanganyika Wildlife Park

The Mission of Tanganyika Wildlife Park

A Wildly Different Experience

…a park that promotes education, conservation, encourages interaction and provides family entertainment.

To share our passion for animals by providing REAL experiences that are entertaining and educational in order to have a significant impact in the stewardship of select species.  The Park is dedicated to helping everyone improve their connection with the wonders of the animal world. Our aim is to provide the ultimate experience for visitors and to be one of the premier facilities for breeding endangered species in the world.

The Park provides visitors the opportunity to observe species unique to the area, interact with endangered species and enjoy the natural and stunning environment around them.

In the Beginning

Tanganyika Wildlife Company began as a zoo supply business. It bred, transported, imported and exported species all over the world. Since the early 90s new government regulations have made it more difficult to transact business so the company focused more on breeding its own species. In 2001, a 501(c)3 non-profit was created and today is known as Tanganyika Wildlife Foundation. It’s mission is to enhance the value of TWP to the community, and support exotic and endangered animal conservation and education efforts locally and around the world.

A love of Animals

Park Directors and owners, Jim and Sherri Fouts have 75 years of combined experience in the wildlife industry.

Jim began as a zoo keeper at the Sedgwick County Zoo and later started his own zoo supply company, where he helped distribute animals to zoos all over the world. He opened the Goddard Facility in 1985 as a breeding and holding facility. Jim currently sits on the board of the Zoological Association of America.

Sherri has raised more than 50 species of animals including some of the world's most endangered. Her animals have been seen in many movies and tv commercials in addition to zoos around the world.

The Fouts' love of animals is what inspired Tanganyika Wildlife Park, and it is their joy to share this love with the Wichita community.