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Also known as Asian Bear Cats, these lovable, popcorn scented creatures are one of Tanganyika's friendliest species. They love being around people and our ambassador binturongs can't wait to meet you! Learn More

Ring-Tailed Lemur

Check out our one of a kind Lemur Island! Learn More

White Tiger

A tiger’s stripes are as unique as a human’s fingerprints. No two tigers will have identical stripes. White tigers, because they have blue eyes and chocolate brown stripes, are not albinos. Instead, their white coloration is a naturally-occurring color phase that results from a variation of the same gene that makes orange tigers orange. Learn More

Grevy's Zebra

This species of zebra was named in honor of Jules Grevy, president of France’s Third Republic. Learn More


These colorful creatures will delight you as they drink nectar from a cup in your hand. Learn More

Reticulated Giraffe

Ever wanted to feed a giraffe? Here's your chance! Come by and feed these long-necked unique animals. Learn More

Colobus Monkey

These arboreal (tree-dwelling) Old World monkeys live in forests, woodlands or wooded grasslands in central and east Africa. Learn More


The cheetah is the world’s fastest land animal, capable of reaching speeds of 70 miles per hour. Learn More


This elusive species is the largest of the African forest antelopes, reaching up to 4 feet tall at the shoulder. Learn More


eBst known for their loud laugh, a repeated “kook kook kook ka ka ka” that rises and falls in volume. Learn More

Debrazza's Guenon

Learn More

Red River Hog

Learn More


Learn More

Pygmy Hippo

Learn More

Pallas' Cat

Learn More

Javan Langur

Learn More

Howler Monkey

Learn More

Clouded Leopard

Learn More

African Serval

Learn More

Honey Badger

Learn More

Dromedary Camel

Learn More

Nigerian Dwarf Goats

Learn More

African Penguins

Learn More

Two-Toed Sloth

Learn More

Dwarf Screaming Hairy Armadillo

Learn More

Asian Small-Clawed Otter

Learn More

African Crested Porcupine

Learn More

White Handed Gibbon

At TWP we have our an island where our white handed gibbons live in harmony! They have a lot to say and you will most likely hear their call on your next visit. Learn More


Come meet our kangaroos as you walk through their exhibit with them! These wonders from down under are here in Kansas and are waiting on a friendly pet from you! Learn More

Red Tailed Guenons

Rambunctious and goofy creatures are these zany food obsessed monkeys! They are more curious than words can express and they can hardly wait to meet you! Learn More

Albino Alligator

Our Albino Alligator is a charming young lady known as Luna! She enjoys cooling off in her pool and her delicious meals! Learn More


Not many people even realize that this animal even exists! Which a real shame because Fossas are super cool, really entertaining, and just plain adorable! Learn More

Snow Leopard

These big fluffy beauties are the very definition of elusive in the wild they are hidden in the snowy mountains. Here they are in full view for you to come and meet! Learn More

Black Rhino

These big guys have thick hides and scary horns but they are really big softies who just want some tasty yam! Learn More

Asian Small Claw Otters

Their claws may be small but their spirit is huge! They are playful and curious and smart as a whip! Learn More

Bat Eared Fox

Skittish little cuties that can definitely hear everything whispered throughout the park. Learn More

Giant Ant Eater

These majestic creatures are wonders for the eyes and and treasures for the heart. Learn More

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