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White Handed Gibbon

At TWP we have our an island where our white handed gibbons live in harmony! They have a lot to say and you will most likely hear their call on your next visit.

White-Handed Gibbons

These small apes can be found in tropical rainforrests throughout Southeast Asia. They mainly eat fruits, leaves, and buds, though they occasionally feed on young birds, eggs, insects, and other small invertebrates. Gibbons are the smallest apes, but they are the best at swinging through the trees.

Songs of the Gibbon

These apes are monogamous and form close pair-bonds, which are reinforced through loud whooping duets. These songs also serve at advertise the territory of a family group and deter intruders. 

Gibbon Stats

Genus: Hylobates

Species: Lar

Status: Endangered

Gibbon Speed

White-Handed Gibbons can be swing through the trees at speeds of up to 30 miles per hour.

Gibbon Arms

The White-Handed Gibbons have arms that are twice as long as it's body.

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