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Friday, March 31 2017 5:00 PM

Tanganyika Wildlife Park is known for giving guests unique ways to learn and interact with some of the most rare and endangered species on the planet, and now we have even more ways to get behind the scenes with some of our animal friends. Tanganyika is now offering:

Okapi Behind The Scenes Tour
Giving you a chance to interact with one of Africa's rarest species! Experience an exclusive up-close tour with the creme-de-la-creme of African hoof stock, the okapi. Enjoy the captivating stories of how this enigmatic animal was discovered and what great strides humans have taken to preserve them.

Penguin Behind The Scenes Tour
Experience an exclusive up-close and interactive behind the scenes tour with Africa's only penguin species, the Jackass Penguin. On this 45-minute tour you will learn the captivating stories of this seemingly flightless bird. Opportunity to feed the penguins and walk away with a small painting.

Penguin Swim
Splash around and paddle up close with our resident penguins! 2-3 of our feathered friends will join you while a keeper assists. You will get the opportunity to pet them as well. Tanganyika is the only place in North America where you can swim with penguins!

Signature Animal Meet & Greet
Choose from over a dozen animals to interact with you at your own signature animal meet and greet.

African sundowner
Luxuriate at a private evening on Tanganyika’s giraffe deck to enjoy drinks and hors d’oeuvres with family and friends, just the thing for celebrations.

Animal Painting Experience
Spend 30 minutes painting the animal of your choice! 2-3 of our feathered friends will join you while a keeper assists. Pick your day and we will work directly with you to schedule your time.

Custom Painting
Choose your favorite animal and colors to paint.

Learn more and book your own Behind The Scenes Offerings, perfect for gifts and family celebrations, HERE!

Tanganyika is dedicated to helping visitors improve their connection with the wonders of the animal world, and our new Behind The Scenes Experiences give you some great ways to do that.

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