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Chatting with Chewie

Wednesday, March 6 2019 10:40 PM
By Julia Stafford

Hi there! I’m Chewbacca (Chewie for short) and if you couldn’t tell, I am a two-toed sloth. I’m a little over 1 and ½ years old. I’ll be two in July! I came to Tanganyika (TWP) in April of last year from The Promised Land Zoo in Branson, Mo.

My three favorite things are sleeping, hanging upside down and humidity. I also enjoy fruits, ropes and trees to hang on and being warm and cozy. My keepers keep my enclosure’s temperature in the mid 80’s—just how I like it!

As I mentioned earlier, I love sleep. So much so that I spend around 18 hours a day doing it. I am an herbivore, which means that I eat mostly leaves, berries and other fruits. My personal top choices are pears, jicama, sweet potatoes and apples.  

To give you an idea for my size, I would compare myself to a small dog. My limbs are lengthy and all four of them are about equal in length. I have long, curved and strong claws that allow me to hang on things. My teeth are small, but sharp—so watch out. ;)

Just kidding, I’m actually very kind. In fact, I am one of TWP’s most popular animal ambassadors. Mainly because I’m just so adorable, but also because I am very easy-going, calm and comfortable with people. I also must give credit to my keeper, Kiana, for working with me. I have been interacting with people since I was born. I love “hanging” out with everyone!

As if I’m not interesting enough already, I will leave you with a few unique facts about me.

First, my coarse fur curves from stomach to back which it the opposite of other mammals. This allows water to drain off me while I hang upside down.

Second, I share an exhibit with my armadillo friends.

Third, I am a surprisingly good swimmer.

Come see me in my exhibit at TWP this season. You can even come meet me in a behind the scenes tour! I would love to see you (if I’m awake).

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