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Tanganyika Wildlife Park announces recipients of 2018 Animal Care & Conservation Awards

Thursday, January 10 2019 3:11 PM

In 2017 Tanganyika Wildlife Park set the goal of donating $100,000 to conservation organizations around the world. This year in 2018 the Park met that goal.

In 2017 the Park gave more than $50,000 to in situ programs. Part of that was allowing each of their animal keepers to choose an organization that is important to them, with Tanganyika then donating $1,000 in their and the Park’s name.

In 2018 the Park has given more than $25,000 in situ programs like these 2018 TWP Animal Care & Conservation award winners:

$5,000 or more Platinum Award: Okapi Conservation Project with Wildlife Conservation Global

$2,500 or more Gold Award: International Rhino Foundation

$1000 or more Silver Award: Kalaweit for Gibbons; Grevy’s Zebra Trust; Cheetah Botswana; Dyer Island Conservation Trust; Giraffe Conservation Foundation; Snow Leopard Trust

$500 or more Honorable Mention Award: Small Cat Conservation Fund

In addition to the animal contributions, Tanganyika Wildlife Park donated more than $40,000 this year in kind to local charities and schools.

Tanganyika’s primary goal isthe preservation of animals and to encourage stewardship and education. The Park is dedicated to helping visitors improve their connection with the wonders of the animal world and to be one of the premier facilities for breeding endangered species.

“From day one it has been all about giving back. Thanks to the tremendous support from our season pass holders and guests, we are able to do more and more to save species and connect people to the natural world,” Assistant Director Matt Fouts said.

Ways to give

Tanganyika has many ways to give and support the Park’s mission of global species survival including sponsorships, membership, adoption, an animal wish list and giving via Amazon and GiviningAssistant.org. Read more at www.twpark.com/support

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