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New Indian rhino arrives at Tanganyika

Saturday, October 13 2018 12:22 PM
By Matt Fouts

In October, Tanganyika Wildlife Park welcomed Monica, our new Indian rhino home. Monica is the first successful Indian rhino born from artificial insemination. This is important for the conservation of the species as Indian rhinos are currently endangered. Only 59 Indian rhinos are in managed care in North America and only 2,500 remain in the wild.

Cincinnati Zoo’s reproductive physiologist, Monica Stoops, collaborated with the Buffalo Zoo’s rhino keeper, Joe Hauser, and veterinarian, Kurt Volle, to make Monica the rhino happen. She was actually born 10 years after her father, Jimmy, died. She was born at the Buffalo Zoo to mom Tashi with the help of a cryogenic tank that stored Jimmy’s sperm until Tashi was ready to be a mother again.

Today Monica is four years old and came from the San Diego Zoo. She will be eventually be paired with TWP’s male rhino, Stacks. 

Indian rhinos are one of the few species living at Tanganyika that has yet to breed due to ages of rhinos.  The intial males were too old by the time they had a female old enough to breed.  With two younger rhinos, TWP has their fingers crossed.

Please join us in welcoming Monica home!


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