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On Cloud 9 with Clouded Leopard Cubs

Tuesday, April 2 2019 1:30 PM
By Julia Stafford
We recently added two litters of clouded leopard cubs to the TWP family. One litter from Mulan and Kapok on March 8 and another litter from Maxie and Elliot March 18. These cubs can also be seen in the nursery! 

Fascinating Clouded Leopard Facts:
  • At birth, clouded leopard kittens weigh five to 6 ounces. When full grown, they will weigh 35-50 pounds. 
  • These agile cats have an ankle bone specially adapted to allow them to hang upside down. 
  • Relative to body size, they have the largest canine teeth of any living cat species. 
  • Tanganyika has one of of the largest breeding collections of clouded leopards in the world. 

Check out some precious scenes from snack time! 


Milk Mustaches Following Feeding:


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