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Serval-iously Adorable

Tuesday, April 2 2019 1:45 PM
By Julia Stafford
On March 13, we welcomed a litter of serval cubs into the world. Their parents are Karma and Thunder. Come see them in the nursery!

Fascinating Serval Facts:
  • At birth, serval kittens weigh approximately 0.5 pounds. When full grown, they will weigh up to 40 pounds. 
  • Female servals may have between one-five kittens per litter, with two being the most common litter size. 
  • Servals are excellent jumpers. They're able to leap 10 feet into the air and catch birds in flight. 
  • At birth, serval kittens are blind. The kittens open their eyes after about nine days. 
  • The name "serval" comes from a portuguese word meaning "wolf-deer" and refers to this cat's predatory instinct and its long-legged, delicate appearance.



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