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Tanganyika Joins Species Population Alliance to Save Grevy's Zebra

Saturday, February 3 2018 11:52 AM
By Matt Fouts
Baby Grevy's Zebra

Baby Grevy's Zebra born at Tanganyika Wildlife Park
Tanganyika Wildlife Park has had a successful breeding program for Grevy's Zebras for 30 years that has resulted in dozens of successful births.



by Jim Fouts

Recently, Tanganyika Wildlife Park was invited by the Source Population Alliance (SPA) for the endangered Grevy’s zebra. We were honored to participate in this program that is pivotal to the survival of this species.

The Grevy’s zebra is the largest of the zebra species having very large ears and narrow stripes. Grevy’s are unique in their behavior in that the males guard their home range, while females are basically nomadic wondering in and out of various male territories.

Over the past 40 years the population of Grevy’s zebra has dwindled 85% to fewer than 2500 animals in all of Africa. The Grevy’s is only found in the horn of Africa, primarily Kenya, Somalia and Ethiopia. The population has declined primarily due to human encroachment into their range and the resulting competition for resources from domestic livestock. Additionally, subsistence hunting has also taken its toll on the population. The Grevy’s zebra is listed as CITES I , or endangered by the IUCN and Threatened by the US Endangered Species Act.

The Source Population Alliance (SPA) is a public/private alliance seeking to create and preserve long term sustainable populations of various species. Recently the SPA chose to add the Grevy’s as a program animals and invited TWP to participate.

TWP  has worked with Grevy’s zebras since 1988, producing dozens of offspring which have been disseminated to other zoological collection around the USA. Currently we house a group of 9 Grevy’s at TWP where we will continue to work along with the SPA and this magnificent species.

If you would like to learn more about the Source Population Alliance, go to http://www.sourcepopulation.org/.

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