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Birthdays at Tanganyika: One of the only places where you can Party WITH the Animals!

Friday, May 25 2018 3:24 PM

TWP Birthdays

Party with the animals at Tanganyika Wildlife Park! Tanganyika is one of the only places locally where you get to interact directly with our animal ambassadors, especially on birthdays. Our birthday party packages for animal lovers of all ages include ice cream, discounts, tokens, and party animals like hedgehogs, sugar gliders, or penguins!

TWP Birthday Animal

Our mission is to connect people to the natural world by providing REAL experiences that are entertaining and educational. This is one of many ways we incorporate animals in all we do. We offer indoor and outdoor parties at the Park, or we can even bring the birthday to you with one of tour Party Animal Ambassadors.

TWP Birthday Activity

At Tanganyika Wildlife Park you’ll have A Wildly Different Birthday!

 TWP Animal Ambassador

Check out all of our current Birthday Party packages here, and don't forget to join Tanganyika Wildlife Park this summer for fun, outdoor, interactive camps and junior zookeeper programs. Sign up here!

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