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Children’s Zoo Expansion Update

Wednesday, November 29 2017 3:08 PM

The Children’s Zoo renovation and expansion is Tanganyika’s vision for the future. “Tanganyika has always been on the cutting edge of animal interaction and inventive exhibits,” Assistant Park Director Matt Fouts said.

 Part of the Children’s Zoo expansion was completed in 2016-2017 with the otter exhibit in the new Trouble Maker’s Cove. Other exhibit plans include a meerkat exhibit integrated into a gemstone mining experience, a new education building, and expanded playground and multiple water features including a splash park. A goat tree house exhibit and a stingray touch tank are also in the works at the Park.


 “We firmly believe in strengthening the connection between people and animals, especially children,” Fouts said. “That’s what we wanted to build an incredibly interactive children’s zoo. After visiting zoos around the country, we want to make ours one of the very best.”

 With a larger education building the Park can facilitate larger summer camps, more animal ambassadors and animal shows. A flamingo exhibit, new birthday pavilions and expanded facilities are also planned.

 Tanganyika Wildlife Park’s full fundraising goal for this project is $4 million. “While this is a sizable amount, it’s actually very reasonable considering it will provide for more than 20 new exhibits and 14 interactive or immersive experiences,” Fouts said.

 Tanganyika has another 40 to 60 acres to expand on to. Right now the Park is only about 25 acres. With these additions, the Park could potentially double is size.

 To learn more about the project and contribute to Tanganyika’s future, please visit http://www.twpark.com/capital-campaign

 The survival of today's rare and endangered species rests in the hands of future generations. We must engage them in real experiences that are entertaining and educations in order strengthen the connection between them and animals.

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