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Trouble Maker’s Cove Grand Opening

Monday, March 20 2017 4:15 PM
By Ruth Johnson

Just in time for Spring Break and the 2017 season opening, Tanganyika Wildlife Park opened the all-new Trouble Maker’s Cove with new otter and penguin exhibits, and an albino alligator!

Tanganyika has 37 black-footed African penguins and two Asian small-clawed otters, named Charlotte and Audrey, who live within the pools of Trouble Maker’s Cove, along with Luna, an albino American alligator. Trouble Maker’s Cover is a new exhibit area created at Tanganyika especially to house these aqueous animals in a watery habitat.

“Trouble Maker’s Cove is our largest expansion yet. The 2017 season is going to be amazing. We wanted to encourage people to visit Tanganyika and connect with the natural world,” Assistant Park Director Matt Fouts said.

Guests will also have the opportunity to interact and swim with the penguins, the only place in North America where you can do so, as part of the new Behind The Scenes offerings. 

Trouble Maker’s Cove was created with the goal of fostering Tanganyika’s penguin breeding program. Their population in the wild has been decimated over the last several decades, loosing over 90 percent. “We want to have a viable population here, not only in the park but in the United States, so that we can ensure the preservation of the species,” Assistant Park Director Matt Fouts said.

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