Bringing Tanganyika’s Biggest Event to Life

Pumpkins at the Park is less than a month away! It’s the biggest event to take place at Tanganyika in every way! It requires the most volunteers, it takes up the most space, it requires the entire staff, it brings in the most people, and it last the longest amount of time. Pumpkins at the Park is a really big deal, and an event of this magnitude doesn’t just spring to life overnight. Every member of the Tanganyika staff is doing their part to help bring this spooky, fun event about.

Planning every last detail and organizing the event is our Education Curator, Erinn Stiles! She was the one who brought Pumpkins at the Park to life for the first time and is still making it happen for a seventh time. She does basically everything from organizing volunteers, to making crafts, to showing off her puppetry skills with her favorite scarecrow friend Hank. But Erinn isn’t alone as she takes on Pumpkins helping her every step of the way are Docents Mike Sisco and Justin Stiles, and Erinn says that without them the event would be impossible!

T1wranganyika’s Assistant Director, Matt Fouts, also does his part in making Pumpkins happen, from digging a trench for a new electrical line just for the event, to coordinating a waterfall light show to creating a new zombie paintball experience called Zombie Task Force.

Event Coordinator, Holly Page, and Operations Manager, Rachel Davis, take command of the Chamber of Mystery, which has a new theme each year. With a new theme comes new crafts, decorations, and entertainment so the Chamber can be a lot to handle, but Rachel and Holly, with help from Erinn, are able to get it done.

The zookeepers will be running the Creepy Crawlers area which will feature all of the creepiest creatures from Tanganyika’s animal roster. The keepers also play a large part in the setup of the 3D Maze. The 3D Maze is also built with help from Tanganyika maintenance department, who also help out with the Cage Maze.

JimEveryone has their own projects to work on and everyone contributes in where they can. Volunteers, keepers, and management all bringing this spectacular event into being. Even our Director, Jim Fouts, helps cut out decorations. This Pumpkins at the Park there is no such thing as too much help and here at Tanganyika there is plenty of teamwork to get this event to its absolute spookiest.

Pumpkins at the Park has become the largest family-friendly Halloween event in the area and features something for everyone.  We encourage you to bring the family out and support the rare and endangered species at Tanganyika Wildlife Park.  For more information about the event you can clickHERE! Tickets for this event will be available after October 1st.

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