Video: Fossas of TWP

Not too many people know about the fossa, except for those who remember them as the villains from the animated movie ‘Madagascar’. Which makes sense, since the fossa is the largest predator in the jungles of Madagascar, they survive on rodents, frogs, and lemurs.

These fascinating creatures are losing their food source as deforestation becomes a bigger problem on their island home. As bigger resorts go up and cities expand the jungles are being slowly eaten away, which not only killing off the fossa but the animals that the fossa eat as well.

That’s not the only threat to the fossa population. Many farmers hunt the fossa to protect their livestock and fouls. It is believed that being killed as pests is responsible for 90% of the fossa population decline.

The number of fossa is falling, which is why they are included in Tanganyika’s breeding program. We are dedicated to rescuing endangered animals, because we believe that it’s man’s responsibility to care for the natural world around us.

If you want to join us in our fight against animal extinction there are many ways you can help. One way is by using Amazon Smile and making Wildlife Conservation & Rehabilitation of Tanganyika the charity you are supporting. For a more direct way to help Tanganyika is by going to our giving page HERE.

Thanks for joining us for this cool look into the lives of a, sadly, unknown animal. More videos are coming soon!

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