What Happened to Lemur Island?

Imagine you were planning to take a trip to your favorite theme park: Disneyland, Worlds of Fun, etc.  You set the date on the calendar and make travel arrangements.  You reveal your big plans to the kids.  Everyone is excited for this amazing trip.  They don’t know what is about to happen.3qfgn

The anticipation builds as the day approaches.  You can’t stop thinking about how much fun the kids will have.  How much joy you will get from creating fun, once-in-a-lifetime memories with them.

You are especially excited to share your favorite ride with them.  Let’s assume it’s a roller coaster for the purpose of this story.  You love the sinking feeling in your stomach when you descend the 70 foot drop.  You can feel the wind on your face as you race at over 50 mph.

The day has finally come.  The moment you have been waiting for.  You have travelled hours via car or plane for this amazing experience.

You are greeted by a friendly and helpful person at the ticket window.  They explain all the new and exciting changes for the year, and help you determine the best value for your visit.

7ujThat’s when they drop the bomb.  Your favorite ride has changed.  It no longer drops 70 feet.  The government forced them to change the ride because they didn’t feel it was safe.

No one had been injured.  There were no accidents.   However, a group of people afraid of heights complained about how tall it was, so the government decided the roller coaster should be more than 10 feet high.

You can still ride the roller coaster and zoom at over 50 mph.  But it’s just not the same.  Worse, you had been waiting for that experience for so long.  You had hoped to share it with your family.

It hasn’t completely ruined your trip, but it definitely put a damper on it.


The Lemur Island

The story above illustrates what happened to us regarding the Lemur Island.  We were forced to change our most popular attraction.  The end result was many disappointed visitors.

The story also illustrates that we get it.  We know people come from all over the country and even the world to participate in this awesome experience.  We understand your frustration and disappointment because we feel exactly the same way.

222We recognize that some of the frustration came from not letting people know before they visited.  For those that came earlier in the year, we didn’t have official approval from USDA on the island’s new format.  We were making changes weekly, and didn’t know how to communicate that with the public.

Once USDA approved the format late in the season, we posted on social media and our website.  Sadly, our efforts did little to combat the thousands of pictures and videos on the web showing the old experience.

We apologize to anyone that visited last year and was disappointed.  We hope you will still continue to visit and support the animals in the future.


Going Forward

Here is what you can expect on the Lemur Island for those that didn’t make it to Tanganyika Wildlife Park in 2015.

a1345You can still go on the island with the ring-tailed lemurs and feed them.

However, they can no longer sit on your lap or climb on you.  The lemurs must sit on a post and guests walk up to the lemurs and feed them a craisin.  The lemurs may still grab your hand, but that is the only contact allowed.

You might be wondering if it’s still worth it.  I can assure you that it is. If you haven’t had the privilege of feeding the lemurs before, you will love this experience.

We hope that those who visited Lemur Island prior to 2015 will cherish their memories of the lemurs crawling across their laps.  We also hope those memories will help you to see how lucky we are to have the opportunity to feed them and how precious the experience still is.

We are dedicated to strengthening the connections between people and the natural world by providing REAL experiences that are entertaining and educational.

We will continue to push the envelope; to create new experiences even if the government makes us change them.  We hope you will join us for our new experiences and strengthen your connection with the animals at Tanganyika Wildlife Park.5rf

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