Video: Pallas Cats of TWP

Animals of Tanganyika: Pallas Cats from Tanganyika Wildlife Park on Vimeo.

Have you ever heard of Pallas Cats?

If you haven’t then you might not spend too much time on the internet, because lately there has been several memes that feature Pallas Cats and buzzfeed just released an interesting video about the expressive nature of these wild fluff balls!
These small cats have many fascinating qualities about them, they have some of the densest fur in the Felidae Family, they have round pupils like humans do, and they appear to be very fat but are actually rather small under all their fur! They are also called Manul in other parts of the world, and they are crepuscular which simple means they  are most active around twilight. There is also very little known about the Pallas Cat’s sound and how they communicate with each other.
Though these little guys keep to themselves and don’t really want anything to do with humans, they are hunted down for their furs. They do tend to stand still when a threat is near which makes them easy to hunt or capture. Their numbers are in decline and there are less and less Pallas Cats each year. We are delighted to have our Pallas Cats as residents here at the park, and though they are both past breeding years we are perfectly happy to care for them during their retirement.
If you want to join us in our fight against animal extinction there are many ways you can help. One way is by using Amazon Smile and making Wildlife Conservation & Rehabilitation of Tanganyika the charity you are supporting. For a more direct way to help Tanganyika is by going to our giving page HERE.

Thanks for joining us to take a look at the lives of Tanganyika’s grumpiest animal. More videos are coming soon!1w

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