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New Indian rhino arrives at Tanganyika

In October, Tanganyika Wildlife Park welcomed Monica, our new Indian … Read Article

Cheetah Breeding

As many of you already know, Tanganyika Wildlife Park is not just a w… Read Article

Staff Feature Becca Melton

  Tanganyika is a beautiful and interactive place, but it didn&… Read Article

54th & 55th giraffes born at Tanganyika Wildlife Park within week

Tanganyika Wildlife Park recently welcomed the 54th and 55th giraff… Read Article

10th Anniversary Party At The Park Celebration

Tanganyika Wildlife Park Celebrates 10th AnniversaryWith Party At T… Read Article

Featured Keeper: Kiana Lucero

Tanganyika is a beautiful and interactive place, but it didn’t … Read Article

Birthdays at Tanganyika: One of the only places where you can Party WITH the Animals!

Party with the animals at Tanganyika Wildlife Park! Tanganyika is o… Read Article

Tanganyika goes single-use strawless in support of animal conservation

   Entities around the globe have ditched using one-time-u… Read Article

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