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The Lemur Island Changes

Imagine you were planning to take a trip to your favorite theme park:… Read Article

Featured Keeper: Robert Olmstead

As a way of giving our fans and followers a peek behind the scenes lo… Read Article

Saving Penguins

The penguins of Dyer Island have decreased from 23,000 breeding pairs… Read Article


Mandrill's New Home

Goddard, KS – December 14, 2015 was National Monkey Day and Tan… Read Article

Transporting Rhinos

Saving African Rhinos

One of the greatest wildlife conservation failings of our time is the… Read Article

Skye and a Pumpkin

Animal Enrichment

As I’m sure you already know, many zoos across the nation parti… Read Article

Rica Roo

Joining the Mob: Rica's Story

Some of you may remember a post from late July on our facebook page a… Read Article

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