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National Zoo Keeper Week - TWP Primate Team

Monday, July 22 2019 6:56 PM
By Julia Stafford

Happy National Zoo Keeper's Week! 

Our keepers are the heart of what we do here at Tanganyika. They work extremely hard every day to ensure that our animals receive top-notch care. We would definitely not be where we are today without their commitment, love, and passion for our animals. The bonds that our keepers and animals have formed is truly remarkable to see. We consistently have visitors who mention how well-cared for and happy our animals look and that is due to our amazing keepers team.

Thank you, keepers. It takes a special person to do what you do. We appreciate you all more than we can express in one week!

Our Primate team works with a variety of monkeys and lemurs including: black and white ruffed lemurs, DeBrazza's Guenon, javan langurs, howler monkeys, white-handed gibbons, red ruffed lemurs and ring tailed lemurs. 

Here's a quick look into our awesome primate team...

Emily Berry

Pictured with red-ruffed lemur babies 

1 year at Tanganyika | Came to Kansas from Michigan 

Favorite animals: Debrazza's monkey, mandrill, red ruffed lemur 

Becca Melton

Pictured with ring-tailed lemur

4 years at Tanganyika | From Kansas 

Favorite animals: Ring-tailed lemur, ruffed lemur, siamang 

Drew Kiker

Pictured with howler monkeys (right) and white and black ruffed lemurs (right)

10 months at Tanganyika | From Kansas 

Favorite animals: Mandrill, ruffed lemur, howler monkey 

Clarissa Dicarlo

Pictured with white-handed gibbon

2 months at Tanganyika | From Oregon 

Favorite animals: White-handed gibbon, colobus monkey, black and white ruffed lemur 

Ashley Garcia

1 year at Tanganyika | From Kansas 

Pictured with white and black ruffed lemurs

Favorite animals: White ruff lemur, ring-tailed lemur, saki monkey

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