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We were all once wide-eyed children who simply loved animals. Eager to learn about them, observe them and, of course, play with them. For most of us, the idea of taking care of them someday was a dream.

But here at Tanganyika, we’re dreamers. We built a zoo with passion, hard work and a lot of love. Love for what we do and the animals we get to serve.

Now, our dream is to continuously grow a team of people who believe in strengthening the human-animal connection. Our interactive, family-friendly environment offers one of the best zoo experiences in the country. So it’s no wonder that it has become a favorite among so many, especially wide-eyed children with their own fascination for the magic of Tanganyika!

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Hear from Our Staff

“Getting to be close with all the animals and getting that bond with them is the best part of my job.”
- Zoo Keeper

“The company cares greatly about the animals and about changing people's perspectives on them. Many great, hard-working people.”
- Former Employee

“I love how careful they are in choosing employees who really care about the place and the people.”
- Interviewee


2011 - 2016

Best Local Attraction - 2014

Best Place to Take Out-of-Towners - 2015, 2016

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