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Tanganyika's Season Pass allows you to visit as many times as you want for price of only 2 admissions.  We guarantee that's one of the best deals you will find from a regional attraction! So if you were planning on coming to TWP twice this season anyways, save yourself some time and money and purchase your Season Passes today!

We are now offering a Frequent Feeder option for only $25. When purchased with the season pass, you will receive a wristband for 5 animal encounters each time you visit! If you chose NOT purchase the Frequent Feeder option, you will still be able to purchase the Encounter Pass (5 interactions for $10) or All-Access Pass (10 interactions for $20) each time you visit.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What benefits does the season pass have?

You will recieve unlimited admissions to Tanganyika during the season purchased.  That's it... simple (and amazing)! 


Why would I want a Frequent Feeder option?

Tanganyika is the most interactive zoo in the Midwest.  We currently offer the following interactive stations:

  • Ring-tail Lemur Feeding
  • Giraffe Feeding
  • Pygmy Hippo Feeding
  • Indian Rhino Feeding
  • Lori Feeding
  • Bunny Feeding
  • African Tortoise Feeding
  • Guinea Pig Feeding
  • Camel Rides

Each Season Pass holder with the Frequent Feeder option will be able to do any five animal encounters each time they visit! 


Can anyone with a season pass use the Frequent Feeder Option?

Only the person with the Frequent Feeder option on their season pass will receive a wristband.  For instance, a family of 5 does the following:

John - Adult
Jane - Adult
Luke - Child (Frequent Feeder)
Clare - Child (Frequent Feeder)
Anna - Child

Using the example above, only Luke & Clare would receive the Frequent Feeder Pass each time they visit.  John, Jane, & Anna would have to purchase a pass each time they visit.


How do I purchase the season passes?

You can purchase season passes using the link above or you can call or come by Tanganyika to purchase them.


Are the season passes transferable?

Each pass is for a single individual.  It can not be used for a different child or adult.  For instance, a family of 5 couldn't purchase three season passes to mix and match between them.  Each person that wanted an unlimited number of visits during the season would need to purchase a pass.  If you are interested mixing and matching arrangment, you might consider our REAL memberships, which will allow any five (or more) people in the household visit on any given day.


How do I check in with my season pass?  Is there a card?

When you puchase the season pass you will be entered into our admission system.  We just need one member from your party to check-in with a photo ID, so there is no need for a card.



How do I interact with the animals if I am a season pass holder?

To interact with the animals, you will have the option to purchase and Encounter Pass (5 interactions for $10) or an All-Access Pass (10 interactions for $20) each time you visit.  Otherwise, you can always add a frequent feeder pass for $25 and get 5 free feedings each time you visit.


Does the season pass include admission to special events?

The season pass is only good for standard admission.  It does not include admission to the Twilight Tour or Pumpkins at the Park or a registration in the Tiger Trot.  However, it does include admission to promotional days like Bunny Bonanza.

Purchase Season Passes Today!

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