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Volunteers are incredibly important for Tanganyika. Many of the activities and programs we offer simply would not be available without volunteer help. Volunteering at Tanganyika is an incredibly unique experience for teens and adults. Not many other volunteer opportunities give you the chance to spend an afternoon with kangaroos or walk a lizard on a leash! Each day is a different and exciting adventure for our volunteers! We would love to have you join our volunteer team!


Whether you want to volunteer at just one special event or help support the Park year-round, we're happy to have you!


Looking to volunteer for Pumpkins at the Park 2019? Visit our online sign-up to get yourself registered!

Opportunities for Individuals

Volunteer Work Days

For short-term volunteers age 14 and up, we have a series of monthly volunteer days during the Park's open season. Typically, these workdays will occur on the second Saturday of each month from 10 am to 2 pm. Volunteers that attend these work days are under no commitment - you can volunteer just once or as often as you'd like. Projects you may work on include landscaping, assisting at Interactive Experiences, special events, or other projects. Advanced registration for workdays is required. We do have a limited number of volunteer spots available, so please email us to sign up and get added to the volunteer email list!


Family Volunteer Work Days

Every other month (in 2019, May, July, and Septmeber), we will host Family Friendly Volunteer Workdays. For these workdays, we do not have an age limit for volunteers and we encourage the whole family to get involved and help out. Advanced registration for workdays is required. We do have a limited number of spots available for Family Workdays, so we request that you email us to sign up in advance for those.


Counselor in Training Program

Our most popular volunteer program for teens, the Counselor in Training (CIT) Program is also our most competitive volunteer program. Teens age 14 to 18 are encouraged to apply and interview for a spot in the Program. Teens accepted as CITs will spend 70 hours during the summer assisting with summer camp, handling our education animals and facilitating public encounters, and hosting informal encounters at many of our animal habitats. Applications are generally available each January and are due in mid-March. The deadline for 2019 is Saturday, March 2nd, so contact us to apply today!


Docent Program

Tanganyika’s Docent Program is an excellent way for teens and adults to help out with a broad range of activities throughout the Park all year long. Docents are able to sign up for opportunities that fit their interests and schedule, making it a perfect flexible volunteering option! Docents are able to volunteer for a variety of activities including learning to handle some of our education animals, leading guided tours, helping with education classes, camps, and programs, and helping at Animal Encounters. Docents must be at least 14 years of age and go through an application and (very short) interview process as well as a training class. If you are interested in becoming a Docent, please fill out this application online!


Animal Interaction Program

Tanganyika’s Animal Interaction Program allows teen and adult volunteers the incredibly unique opportunity to facilitate encounters between the Park’s guests and animals at several of our Animal Encounters. Volunteers are scheduled for hours, but are able to set their own schedule based on their availability. Due to the seasonal nature of the program, volunteer shifts for this program are only available between March and early November. Animal Interaction Program volunteers must be at least 16 and go through a short application and interview process. If you would like to apply, please email me for more information!

Opportunities for Groups

Special Events

Throughout the year, Tanganyika puts on several special events that wouldn't be possible without volunteer help. Special events like the Bunny Bonanza and Pumpkins at the Park give groups an opportunity to give back to the community together. We can accommodate groups of varying ages and sizes to help at our events. Contact us for more information!


Volunteer Workdays

While we typically reserve our regularly-scheduled Volunteer Workdays for individuals, we are able to set up volunteer workdays for groups! From Girl Scout Troops to corporate teams, we can find a good fit for almost any group! Contact us today to set up your volunteer service!


Corporate Captive Release Program

The Corporate Captive Releae Program (CCRP) was developed as a way for companies to give back to the community in a big way, to give their employees the chance to get more connected to the natural world, and to earn rewards in the process. After a short initial training seminar, volunteers from CCRP partners are scheduled for shifts at our Animal Encounters. In return, our partners receive credit they can use towards booking events at the Park. Contact us for more information!

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